Audrey can provide treatment for the following general foot complaints:

* Corns & Callouses (thick skin)
* Ingrowing Toenails
* Nail Pathology (nail discolouration, thickened nails)
* Skin Disorders (cracked heels, fungal infections)
* Verrucae
* Foot Deformities ( bunions, hammer/clawed toes)
* Foot & Ankle Injuries/Pain (heel pain/spurs)
* Postural Foot Problems (flat / high arched feet)
* Foot and Lower Limb Problems
* Lower Limb Pains related to foot function
* Sports Injuries

Audrey also has significant experience in assessing treating and providing advice related to the feet in systemic disease such as:

* Diabetes
* Arthritis
* Circulatory Problems
* Neuropathy (nerve disorders)


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